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#816 : Les feux et les océans

L'Amiral A.J. Chegwidden est accidentellement éjecté d'un avion piloté par Harm. Il disparaît alors qu'une terrible tempête de neige se lève...


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Heart & Soul

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Les feux et les océans

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Réalisateur: Bradford May
Scénariste: Dana Coen

1315 ZULU

An F-14 soars through the air.

Harm: Are you sure you wanna go through with this, sir?

AJ peers at him from the back seat.

AJ: Let's go!

Harm: Alright.

Harm pulls a maneuver.

AJ: What's with the bloating?

Harm: Oh, that's perfectly normal, Admiral.  It's due to a reduction in ambient pressure.  I suggest you expel whatever gas you can before the next maneuver.

AJ: You're kidding.

Harm smiles and begins snapping his mask on.

Harm: I'll wait, sir.

AJ: Well, I'm a little confined here.

AJ loosens his seatbelt and begins farting.

AJ: Alright.

Harm: Okay, here we go.

Harm begins his maneuver.  The admiral's head bumps against the glass as Harm flips the plane.

AJ: Whoa!

Harm: Admiral, are you alright?

AJ grabs for his seatbelt to tighten it, but instead accidentally grabs the ejection handle of his seat and shoots out of the plane, yelling.

Harm: Mayday!  Mayday!  Mayday!  Washington Center, this is Navy 2-8-7-8.  I have an uncommanded ejection of my back seater.


Harm and the admiral enter Chegwidden's office.  Harm stands in front of the admiral's desk.  The admiral goes around and begins taking off his gloves.

Harm: Eight complaints of pilot disorientation, sir.  All investigated and analyzed by Pax River.  They've determined the F-14's new Heads-Up Display is the culprit.

Admiral: Navy's case against the contractor has to be air tight.  General Counsel's office is looking to me for verification.  I'm looking to you.

Harm: Understood, sir.

Admiral: So, walk me through the specifics. 

The admiral begins unbuttoning his coat.

Harm: Well, sir, the HUD displays the aircraft's attitude during flight maneuvers, which in this case, actual latitude tended to lag by a fraction of a second.

Admiral: How does this create disorientation?

Harm: Admiral, a pilot uses situational awareness to determine where in space he is, two ways: peripherally, where information is channeled directly to the subconscious mind, and through forward vision, via the HUD, or Heads-Up Display, where information is channeled to the conscious mind.  And, because the two minds process data differently, if there's a differential, it can cause a confused scenario.  Whereby, the pilot believes he's in one position, when he's in a slightly different position.

Admiral: I'm not visualizing it.

Harm: Close your eyes, sir, spin around, and open them.

Admiral: No.

Harm: I'm just attempting to demonstrate, Admiral.

Admiral: Can this condition be re-created in an airplane?

Harm: Pax River's done it, sir.

Admiral: Well, I want you to do it with me in the back seat.

Harm: When's the last time you went up in a 14, sir?

Admiral: Never. 

The admiral looks over his glasses at Harm.

Admiral: You don't think I can handle it?

Harm: No.  No, sir.  If you, uh, if you think it'll clarify things, then....

Admiral: I do.

Harm: A ride will require training, sir.  Low pressure chamber test, that type of thing.

Admiral: Can you schedule me one today?

Harm: I'll get right on it, sir.


AJ and Meredith are standing in his home by the couch.  A fire burns in the room.  Meredith hands him a gift bound in red wrapping paper. 

AJ: What's this?

Meredith: Happy Valentine's Day.

AJ stares at the gift and then up at her.

AJ: I wasn't expecting a ... I guess I should just open it, huh?

Meredith has her arms crossed in front of her.

Meredith: Uh-huh.

AJ opens the gift and finds a gold metal heart with something inscribed on its surface.

AJ: Wow.

Meredith: Read the inscription.

AJ holds it out, but can't seem to make out the words.

AJ: Umm...

Meredith: "A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart."

AJ: Merry Wives of Windsor.

Meredith nods, smiling.

Meredith: Mm-hm.

AJ: Thank you.

Meredith: You're welcome.

AJ:   Oh!

He reaches over and grabs a red, heart-shaped box containing chocolates, handing it to Meredith.

Meredith: Oh, and thank you.

AJ: Hope that's okay.

Meredith: Of course.  I love chocolates.

Meredith places the box on the coffee table and seats herself on the couch.  AJ sits on a chair, and faces her.

Meredith: So, where are we going?

AJ: Do you mind if we stay in tonight?  I'm exhausted.  I, uh, had to do this AP training  all day.

Meredith: What's that?

AJ: Oh, it's uh, flight preparation.  Commander Rabb's taking me up in an F-14 tomorrow morning.  He's got to show me the glitch in the, uh, new Heads-Up Display.

Meredith: Sounds dangerous.

AJ shakes his head.

AJ: He knows how to handle it.

Meredith nods.

Meredith: Well ... Well, maybe we can meet afterwards.

AJ: My afternoon's jammed, you know.  I'm sorry, my schedule's been crazy lately.

Meredith: I'm just jealous.  I wish I were going up there with you.

AJ: Well, you're always with me.

He smiles at her.


The wind is whistling through the thick sheets of  falling snow.  A few broken tree limbs fall onto one of the deep tufts of snow, followed by the admiral, in a parachute.  He groans, face down in the snow, and slowly turns himself over to face the sky.  Snow falls on his face.

AJ: You dumb ass!!

A raft falls onto him, inflating itself.

THE F-14

Harm: Washington Center!  This is Navy 2-8-7-8.  I have an uncommanded ejection of my back-seater.

Controller: Say again, 2-8-7-8.

Harm: My back seat punched out about 120 miles south of Martinsburg.

Controller: Transmission garbled, 2-8-7-8.

Harm: You're hearing wind stream.  I lost my canopy!

Harm: Squawking emergency! 

Harm clicks his mike.

Controller: 2-8-7-8, observing your emergency squawk.  Clearing you for immediate landing at Martinsburg Municipal Airport.  Click mike three times for acknowledgement.

Harm clicks his mike three times in response.


AJ drags his parachute from the tree and unzips his flight suit, pulling out a beacon.  He turns it on and a beeping sound emits.  Setting it down, he unzips his survival kit.  After digging through it, he pulls out a condom.  He looks at it, shakes his head and throws it to the side.

Later, AJ pulls his transmitter, the kit and the parachute along after him on the raft, through the forest, panting.


Harm slips his flight suit back on, after a check-up, while speaking to a colonel.

Harm: I think he must have loosened his lap belt, Colonel, which would have caused him to bang his head into the canopy.  In his confusion, he must have grabbed the alternated ejection seat handle, sir.  I-I take full responsibility for this, Colonel.

Colonel: Your CO will insist on it.

Harm: That was my CO that punched out, Colonel.  The Navy's Judge Advocate General.

Colonel: This is a remarkable story, Commander.

Harm: Sir, I'd like to be part of the search and rescue team.

Colonel: Pax River's already on it.  They're sending out a SAR aircraft with ground crew aboard.

The colonel rises.

Harm: Well, can you get me over there, sir?  The doctor's cleared me.

Colonel: You reported where he punched out, Commander.  We'll take it from here.  I recommend you go back to Falls Church.  We'll keep you posted.

The colonel starts to leave the room.

Harm: Sir, I'd really like to be on the helicopter.

The colonel turns back to Harm.

Colonel: You dumped a two-star over the George Washington National Forest, Commander.  Haven't you done enough?

The colonel turns and leaves Harm standing there, staring after him.


The Admiral begins placing a few sticks on a small fire he's started for warmth.  He eases himself up into a standing position, grunting in pain, and puts on his gloves, glancing around the area.


Harm sits in the same room, staring out the window at the falling snow.  Airman Rodino enters.

Airman Rodino: Commander Rabb.  Airman Rodino, motor pool.  Got you a jacket, sir.  Colonel Skelly also requisitioned you transportation.  Got the vehicle outside there.

She points out another window at a car.  Harm looks the car over.

Harm: There's no chains on the tires.

Airman Rodino: They're all being used, sir.

Harm:   I have a ninety-mile drive ahead of me, Airman.

Airman Rodino: We're doing what we can, sir.

Harm: Well, do you have anything in a four-wheel drive?

Airman Rodino: We've got two humvees, sir.

Harm: Are they covered?

Airman Rodino: One of them, but it needs a tune-up.

Harm: I'll take it.


Mac sits in her office, talking on the phone to Harm.

Mac: That's a wilderness area, Harm.  Do you have confirmation he survived the ejection?

Harm is driving a humvee through the heavy snow.

Harm: The admiral's a former SEAL.  He knows his way around a parachute.  You don't forget your survival training.

Mac sighs.

Mac: Yeah, well, the area he jumped into is heavily forested.

Harm: He has his beacon and smoke flares, which he can set off when he hears the helo rotors.

Mac peers out of her office window at the falling snow.

Mac: If they can see it in this weather.  Anything I can do?

Harm: Well, we should let Meredith know.  But, don't tell anyone at the office until we have a better idea of what's going on, alright?

Mac: Agreed.  When do you expect to be back?

Harm: When I find him.


The admiral now has a make-shift tent set up, using his parachute, and the fire is burning strongly.  He walks over to a fallen log and begins chipping at it with a knife.


Harm sits in the humvee in the middle of  snow-covered trees.  His radio is on, while he looks at a map.

Pilot: (on radio) 8-1-4-6-1 Tango.  Taxi to 2-3.  Clearance on request.

Harm places a finger on a point on the map. 

Controller: Roger 6-1 Tango.  Be advised: extreme low visibility.  You'll be on instrumentation only.  Stand-by for clearance.

Harm looks up and starts the car hurriedly.


The admiral picks up a hot, black  stone from the fire, with two sticks, and carries it to the log.  He places the stone into a depression filled with snow on the log.  A hissing sound is heard as the hot rock quickly melts the snow beneath it.  He then chips at the log a bit more, and pulls the condom out.  He prods his stiff fingers to unroll the condom and, after doing so, he holds it next to the chipped portion of the log.   He rolls the log toward the condom, pouring the freshly melted snow into the condom, and then drinks it.


A helo pilot flying above the George Washington National Forest.

Nighthawk (Helo pilot): Morning Light control, this is Nighthawk 2-1.  We have clearing conditions.

Morning Light: This is Morning Light.  We read you, 2-1.  How close are you to the ejection site?

Nighthawk: Three clicks, sir.  We'll check back when we're in range.


The admiral is singing 'Home on the Range' as he spells out a large 'V' in a black powdery material, right in front of his tent, in the snow.  A wolf howls.  The admiral glances around and then returns to sit beneath the shelter of his tent.  A distinct cracking noise sounds through the air.  He looks at his fire, and sees that it is sinking into the snow.  The admiral grabs his knife and jabs at the snow below him, hitting ice, and water.  He looks back at his fire, as it slips below the ice and begins hissing.  The admiral slips into the water, trying to cling to the side, but failing, he slips below the freezing water.  After a moment, he pulls himself back up from the icy depths.


Mac sits in her office on the phone.

Mac: Meredith, it's Mac.  Are you there?  Could you call me at the office?  The admiral...it's important.  Just please get back to me as soon as you can.  555-0171.

She hangs up.


The admiral falls down along with the raft he was trying to retrieve.

Admiral: Okay, what have I got? 

He stands and begins digging through his suit.  He pulls out the beacon.

Admiral: The beacon.  Jerky.

He pulls out the jerky and puts it back in.  And reaches inside for something else, pulling it out.  It's the heart Meredith gave him.  He hears growling and sees a furry tail rush off behind a tree.


Nighthawk: Morning Light, this is Nighthawk 2-1.  We're at the site.  Have commenced expanded search pattern.

Morning Light: 2-1 this is Morning Light.  Have you located the admiral's beacon, yet?

Nighthawk: That's a negative, Morning Light.

Morning Light: Should be in range, 2-1.

Nighthawk: If he's still where he ejected, Commander.


The admiral is walking away from the site into the woods.


Mac is sitting at her desk, again on the phone.

Mac: Meredith, just left a message on your home machine.  Trying to reach you on your cell.  It's important I hear from you.  There's a situation with....

PO Coates walks into her office, rapping lightly on her door frame.

Mac: Um ... please get back to me.  Thank you.

Coates walks up to Mac's desk as she hangs up.

Coates: Both counsels and the accused are in the court room, ma'am.

Mac sighs and clasps her hands together.

Mac: Right.

Coates: Session's already eight minutes late, Colonel.

Mac nods.

Mac: Can you close the door?

Coates walks over and closes the door, as Mac rises from behind her desk and stands before the petty officer.

Mac: I'm telling you this in strict confidence, because I need someone to monitor things and follow through while I'm in session.  You're not to utter a word of this to anyone in the office, until I say so.

Coates: Aye, aye, ma'am.

Mac: It concerns Admiral Chegwidden.  I need you to keep me apprised of his situation.  And we have to reach Meredith Cavanaugh.

Coates: Understood, ma'am.  Is the admiral alright?

Mac: Yet to be determined.


The admiral sits under his raft, which is propped up as his new make-shift shelter.  He pulls out the beef jerky and the heart, reading the inscription.  He peers off into the snow and begins talking to Meredith.

AJ: I don't get it.  You're too calm about this.

Meredith: I knew you'd make it out. 

AJ gets up and sits next to her on the couch.  And, suddenly, the two are back in the warmth of his home.

AJ: There were concerns.

Meredith: I know.

AJ: I was wet.  I lost my fire.  Threat of animals.

Meredith: But, look at you.  Not a scratch.

AJ: Must have been blessed.

Meredith: You still are.

AJ holds up the gold heart.

AJ: Had this with me.  Took it on the flight.

Meredith folds her arms.

Meredith: I didn't think you liked it.

AJ: Oh, I liked it.  I was embarrassed by it.  It was such a clear demonstration of how you felt, and all I could come up with was a damn box of chocolates.

Meredith: I didn't care.

AJ: Yes, you did.

Meredith: Well, alright.  I was a little surprised at the impersonality of your gift.

AJ: You had every right to be.

Meredith: Was it because you didn't know how to demonstrate your feelings?  Or, because they weren't strong enough?

The admiral returns from his thoughts to the snow-filled landscape.


Mac: This is a 'judge alone' court-martial.  As agreed, there will be no Members present at any time during the proceedings.  Does the Government wish to make an opening statement?

Sturgis: Yes, your honor.

Sturgis rises.

Sturgis: Petty Officer Matthew Cantrell, an Interior Communications Electrician aboard the destroyer USS Callahan, is charged with placing a miniature video camera in the junction box of the enlisted female head.  This is a violation of Article 134, Conduct Prejudicial to Good Order and Discipline.  The Government will show that the accused was responsible for requisitioning the equipment from the base photo lab.

The stated purpose was for the examination of hard-to-reach electrical conduits, but in fact, was intended for this installation only.  The Petty Officer's motives were clearly prurient, and a direct invasion of the privacy of his female shipmates.

Mac: Lieutenant Roberts, does the defense desire to proceed, or reserve its opening statement?

Bud: We'd like to make them now, your honor.

Bud rises.

Bud: Defense will show that Petty Officer Cantrell is wrongly accused of the offense.  How, while he may have placed the camera in the female head, it was directly in furtherance of the inspection program.  We contend that actually the movement of the ship changed the camera angle, thus exposing the Petty Officer to suspicion.


PO Coates is placing files in a cabinet.  Tiner walks up to her.

Tiner: Coates, have you heard from the admiral?

Coates: No.

Tiner: I was expecting him back from his flight an hour ago.  He's got a conference call in six minutes.  I don't know what to do.

Coates: I'd say cancel the call, and tell them you'll call as soon as he arrives.

Tiner: Yeah.  I'm a little worried.  I can't reach him on his cell.  Commander Rabb's not returning either.

Coates: I'll keep my ear to the ground.

Tiner: I'm going to call Pax River - see what's up.

Tiner walks off.  Coates hurries after him.

Coates: Uh, I'll call them.

Tiner: It's okay, I've got the number on speed dial.

Coates: Tiner, I have information about the admiral.

Tiner jerks to a halt and turns to face Coates.

Tiner: You weren't going to tell me?!

Coates: I was ordered not to.

Tiner: I'm his yeoman, Coates.

Coates: That's why I'm making this exception.

Tiner: Something happened to the admiral?

Coates: You need to promise me not to say anything until the information is officially disclosed.


Sturgis: Master Chief Andre, is Petty Officer Cantrell under your supervision?

Master Chief: Yes, sir, he's one of my IC Petty Officers.

Sturgis: And would you tell us what you encountered on the evening of the seventh of January?

Master Chief: I left the duty log in the IC, and returned to pick it up.  When I walked in I noticed the image of a toilet on one of the monitors.  It was clear to me a camera had been trained on one of the heads.  When I got closer, I saw on the screen an enlisted female enter the area.

Sturgis : What was she doing?

Master Chief: Preparing to use the facilities, sir.

Sturgis: Was anyone other than you in the IC?

Master Chief: Petty Officer Cantrell entered shortly after.

Sturgis: Was he on watch at the time?

Master Chief: Yes, sir.

Sturgis: Did you ask him about it?

Master Chief: Loudly, sir.

Sturgis: What did he say?

Master Chief: He said he had moved the camera in the junction box to check the existence of mice in the conduits, and that it had popped out of position.

Sturgis: Did you believe him?

Master Chief: No, sir.

Sturgis: Why?

Master Chief: Well, I realized mice are a problem, sir.  They tend to gnaw at the wiring which can create a fire hazard, but what I didn't understand was, why the camera was being used to view such a small area.  And, even if that could be explained, why couldn't it have been properly secured at the correct angle to begin with?

Sturgis: Why wasn't he at his place of duty?

Master Chief: He claimed he had gone out to get some duct tape, so he could correct the problem.

Sturgis: And did he have tape with him at the time?

Master Chief: Yes, sir.  Videotape.

Sturgis: Thank you.  That will be all.

Bud rises, as Sturgis returns to his table.

Bud: Master Chief Andre, did Petty Officer Cantrell give you an excuse for why he didn't have duct tape on his person?

Master Chief: He said he couldn't find any, sir.

Bud: And did he give you a reason for the videotape?

Master Chief: Restocking.

Bud: Did you ever see Petty Officer Cantrell watching what was on the monitors?

Master Chief: No, sir.

Bud: So, in fact, aren't you the only one who was doing so?

Master Chief: Excuse me, Lieutenant?

Bud: Well, if proof of wrongdoing is based on the intention to view the private acts of female personnel, then aren't your actions, Master Chief, the ones that apply here?

Sturgis: Objection.  Your honor, this is clearly argumentative.

Mac: Sustained.  Confine questions of culpability to the accused, counselor.

Bud: Master Chief, did you not authorize the requisition of this camera?

Mac:   Lieutenant.

Bud: No further questions.


Harm searches through his binoculars for the admiral.

Harm: Damn it, Admiral.  Where are your flares?


The admiral sits frozen under his make-shift tent, while a dog growls ferociously at him.

1716 ZULU



Nighthawk hovers over the forest.  They see a blip on the screen.

Nighthawk: We got something.  Marking the coordinates.  Morning Light, this is 2-1, we have a fix on the beacon.


The dog growls at the admiral, who slowly makes his way out from under his raft, his eyes fixed on the dog.

Admiral: Easy ... easy....

The admiral almost makes it up, when the dog leaps at him and bites his arm, pulling at it.  When the admiral breaks free from the grip of the dog's jaws, he falls off of a steep incline.


Nighthawk: 2-1 to Morning Light, we have a dimming beacon.

Morning Light: Initial indication, 2-1?

Nighthawk: Our man is definitely on the move.

The admiral slides down the incline, belly down on his raft.


Morning Light: What's going on, 2-1?

Nighthawk: Well, sir, either the admiral is a world class sprinter, or her just found himself a snow mobile.


The admiral slips off of the raft during his rapid descent, and rolls the rest of the way down.  He comes to a halt at the base of a tree.  Rolling over, he hears barking in the distance.  He just lays there, panting.  The sound of a helicopter approaching fills the air.


Nighthawk: We've lost his signal.  We're out of contact.

The admiral turns stiffly onto his side, wincing a couple of times.  He makes it over to lean his head against the trunk of the tree.


Harm pulls to a stop.  The helicopter flies over head.  Harm tracks through the snow and eventually comes upon the admiral's 'V' in the snow.

Harm: Admiral!  Admiral!!


A phone rings in Mac's office.  Mac comes around her desk and picks it up.

Mac: Lieutenant Colonel Mackenzie.

Harm: Mac, I found the admiral's camp site.  He's gone.

Mac: You think he's been rescued?

Harm: No.  I can hear the helos.  They're still looking for him.

Mac: Where would he go?

Harm: Well, there's two scenarios--one I won't consider.

He eyes the hole in the ice.

Mac: What does that mean?

Harm: I have tracks.  I think he's moved on.  Call Pax River and let 'em know that I'm here, and what I've found.  And give them these coordinates: Latitude 38 degrees, 9 minutes, 16 seconds north; longitude 78 degrees, 5 minutes, 51 seconds west.  And wish me luck, okay?

Harm hangs up.

Mac: Harm?

Mac hears a dial tone on the other side in response, and sighs.


Harm gets back into his humvee.  Once inside, he turns the key, but the engine sputters, refusing to start.  He slams his hand against the steering wheel.  Getting out of the vehicle, he's forced to continue his search on foot.


Harriet: Tiner, is the admiral back, yet?

Tiner: No, ma'am.

Harriet: I need to talk to him.

Tiner: I'll put you on the list, Lieutenant.

Harriet: Before the end of the day, please.

Tiner: No promises, ma'am.

Harriet: Does he have a lot on his plate?

Tiner: Not exactly.

He places a file down on someone's desk.

Harriet: Well, is he coming back at all?

Tiner: I'm hoping.

Harriet: When will you know for sure?

Tiner: Soon as I hear back from search and rescue.

Tiner freezes and turns back to Harriet, whose mouth is agape.

Tiner: Did I say what I think I just said, ma'am?

Harriet: Talk to me, Tiner.

Tiner: Only if you make me a promise, Lieutenant.


Sturgis purses his lips and checks his watch, while  Bud fiddles with something in his hand.  Mac enters the courtroom.

Mac: Sorry.

Sturgis and Bud rise.

Mac: Be seated.

They obey, as she seats herself at the bench.

Mac: Petty Officer, may I remind you that you're still under oath?

Petty Officer Cantrell: Yes, ma'am.

Mac: Proceed.

Sturgis: Petty Officer McCurdy, do you know Petty Officer Cantrell?

Petty Officer McCurdy: Uh, he's in the rack above me, sir.

Sturgis: He ever mention a particular video installation to you?

Petty Officer McCurdy: Uh, yes, sir.  He told me he placed a miniature camera in the female head.

Sturgis: Did he ask if you wanted to see the video output?

Petty Officer McCurdy: Yes, sir.  I refused.

Sturgis: Why?

Petty Officer McCurdy: Because it's sick, sir.  And totally against regulations.

Sturgis: Thank you.

As Sturgis returns to his table, Bud rises and limps over to the stand.

Bud: Petty Officer, have you ever known Petty Officer Cantrell to be lascivious?

Petty Officer McCurdy: He likes the women, sir.

Bud: But has he ever mentioned anything like this before?

Petty Officer McCurdy: Uh, no.  Not that I can recall, sir.

Bud: Did he tell you what you'd be viewing?

Petty Officer McCurdy: No, sir, but it's pretty obvious.

Bud: To you.

Petty Officer McCurdy: To anyone, Lieutenant.

Bud: I'd appreciate it if you speak for yourself, Petty Officer.

Petty Officer McCurdy: To me, sir.

Bud: And,  is that because you have a particular interest in the subject matter?

Sturgis: Objection.

Mac: You're reaching, Counselor.

Bud: Your honor, I'm just trying to impeach the Petty Officer's assumptions.

Mac: You're getting personal.  Sustained.

Bud: Sorry, ma'am.

Bud turns back to Petty Officer McCurdy.

Bud: You assume that he wished for you to view the private acts of female shipmates, is that correct?

Petty Officer McCurdy: Yes, sir.

Bud: It couldn't have been that he was asking you, as an electrician's mate, to help monitor the wiring coming out of that junction box?

Petty officer McCurdy smirks.

Petty Officer McCurdy: I don't think so, sir.

Bud: Why not?

Petty Officer McCurdy: Because it makes no sense to me.

Bud: But peeping on female shipmates does?

Sturgis: Your honor.

Mac stares at Bud, opening her mouth.

Bud: Withdrawn.


The admiral, hands tremulous, takes the heart from his flight suit, and looks at it.  An orange glow from a fire brightens the heart.

Admiral: Why would I take your gift along if I was trying to avoid its message?

He's back on the couch, talking with Meredith.

Meredith: And your answer?

Admiral: I guess, instinctively ... I wanted a part of you with me.  It's almost as if I knew I'd be needing you.

Meredith smiles.

Meredith: Apparently, you did.

Admiral: Yeah.

Meredith: Do I get a thank you?

Admiral: Thank you.

Meredith smiles again, happily.

Meredith: Better than chocolate.

Admiral: You have no idea how cold I was.  My senses were on overload.

Meredith: Not enough, I assume, to cancel out the rescue helicopter.

The admiral looks up, he's back leaning against the tree.  The choppy whir of the helicopter blades fills the air, and a searchlight passes over his body.  Looking up, he sees the helicopter. 

He pulls himself up as the spotlight falls over him once more.  He whispers to it in a raspy voice.

Admiral: I'm here.

Falling back over, he tries to press something on the beacon, but the beacon is broken.  He crawls toward the helo.

Admiral: I'm right here, damn it!


Morning Light: Nighthawk 2-1, Morning Light.  What's your status?

Nighthawk: Based on the information from Commander Rabb, we think he's in the canyon below.

Morning Light: Can you insert your SAR team?

Nighthawk: Canyon walls are too tight.  We're dancing with some high winds.

Morning Light: Is there a better zone nearby?

Nighthawk: At the canyon's mouth, three miles north.

Morning Light: Alright.  Set your team down there.  Have them walk in.  Remain at the ready for extraction.

Nighthawk: Copy that.


The admiral limps along toward the retreating helo.

Admiral: Where you going now, damn it?  Where the hell is that damn flare?

He steps into a hole and falls to the ground.  He succeeds in lighting the flare, but because of his angle, it shoots toward the trees.


P.O. Coates enters the courtroom.

Mac: We'll take a short recess.

Bud: Uh, again, your honor?  We've hardly had any courtroom.

Mac: Do you anticipate the end of the world, Lieutenant?

Bud: No ... your honor.

Mac strikes the gavel sharply.  Sturgis exits as Coates walks up to the bench, and begins speaking to Mac in a low voice.

Coates: It's not promising, ma'am.  The help's lost contact.  They're putting a team on the ground.

Mac: How close are they?

Coates: They're not sure, ma'am.

Mac: Any word from Meredith?

Coates: No, ma'am.

Mac: Where's Commander Rabb, now?

Coates: He's out of range.  I can't reach him.

Mac: That's unacceptable, Petty Officer.

Mac's voice crescendos as she states this,  and Bud looks up at her from his conference with his client.

Coates: I'm doing my best, ma'am.

Mac lowers her voice, after calming herself.

Mac: Ah, yes, I'm sure you are.  I'm sorry. 

She sighs.

Mac: You know, I don't know what to do.  Should I say something?

Coates: It's a hard call, Colonel.

Mac: Let's keep it quiet for the moment.  See if we get some better news.

Mac fidgets with her pen worriedly.


Harm searches through the forest with his flashlight in the darkness.

Harm: Admiral!!

He looks down and sees blood on the snow.


The admiral grunts and tries to pull his leg from the hole.  He glances at the fire started by the flare, landing on a fallen tree.  Trying again, this time he succeeds in pulling his leg free.  He inches toward the fire on his side.


Bud stands at his table in the courtroom.

Bud: Your honor, I'd like to call P.O. Cantrell to the stand.

Mac: Proceed.

Coates enters the courtroom and stands near the doors.  Sturgis rises and walks over to P.O. Cantrell, standing between the two tables.

Sturgis: Raise your right hand, please.

Mac gazes at Coates.  Coates gives her a barely perceptible shake of her head.  Mac's brow furrows and she mouths, 'What?'

Sturgis: Do you swear the evidence you shall give in the case now in hearing...

He trails off and turns from the Petty Officer to Coates.

Sturgis: ...shall be the truth, the whole truth, and ... nothing but the truth....

Mac's expression falls to one of dejection, and she mouths, 'Thanks.'  After a distracted moment on Sturgis' part of glancing again between Coates and Mac, P.O. Cantrell prompts him.

Petty Officer Cantrell: So help me God, sir?

Sturgis: Yes.

Petty Officer Cantrell: I do, sir.

The petty officer takes the stand as Coates leaves.  Bud approaches him in the witness stand.

Bud: Petty Officer, are you aware of the severity of this violation?

Petty Officer Cantrell: I am, sir.  It's deeply offensive to women.  Actually, to anyone who values privacy.

Bud: And the fact that you're being accused of this.

Petty Officer Cantrell: I know what it looks like, Lieutenant.  I would never consciously do something like this.  In fact, my intentions were to benefit the women aboard the ship.

Mac purses her lips and eyes petty officer Cantrell, turning her chair toward the two men.

Bud: In what way?

Petty Officer Cantrell: Well, sir, there's a lot of wiring to inspect.  I chose the female head first because I was concerned for their welfare.  The idea of them having to deal with an electrical fire while being in a compromising position....

Mac scoffs and turns away. Bud turns to her.

Bud: Your honor?

Mac: Yes?

Bud: Is there a problem?

Mac: Yes.

Bud: May I continue?

Mac: Yes.

Bud turns back to his client.

Bud: So, your reasons were practical and considerate.

Petty Officer Cantrell: Yes, sir.  The last thing I intended was to be a peeping Tom.  I was taught to respect the female body.

Mac: What was that?

Petty Officer Cantrell: I'm sorry, ma'am?

Mac: You were taught to respect females or the female body?

Petty Officer Cantrell: Which one did I say, ma'am?

Mac: The second.

Petty Officer Cantrell: I was taught to show respect for the opposite sex, ma'am.

Mac: Or is it just sex?

The petty officer looks at Bud.

Bud: Your honor, is there a reason why you're questioning my witness?

Mac: Because I can, Counselor.

Bud: May we approach?

Mac: Please.

Mac covers the microphone as Bud and Sturgis walk up to the bench.

Bud: Colonel, I can't help but feel you're displaying a bias against my client.

Mac: Your client is stretching the limits of credulity, Lieutenant.  I understand that you're enjoying being back in a lead counsel role, but frankly, I'm disappointed with your strategy.

Bud: It's a legitimate strategy, ma'am.

Sturgis: It's creative, I'll give you that.

Mac: Given that the session is nearly over anyway, I suggest we call it a day and you have a conversation with your opposition.

Bud: About what, ma'am?

Mac: About options other than taking this case to verdict.

Bud: Ma'am....

Mac: Bud, look at my face.  Do you see anything there that suggests I'm in a malleable frame of mind?

Bud lowers his head defeatedly.


The admiral breaks a branch and places it on the fire started by the misguided flare.


Harm is still searching through the snow.  He stumbles upon an orange piece of cloth.

Harm: Admiral!!  Admiral!

He goes down the hill and finds the admiral's abandoned raft.

Harm: Stay in one place!

Harm pulls the hat of his parka back on and continues searching.


Sturgis and Bud exit the courtroom.

Sturgis: Don't make it the colonel's problem, Lieutenant.  You had a tough hill to climb.  Fortunately, I'm here to offer you a hand.

Bud: Yeah, well, do me a favor, keep it away from my neck, okay?

Sturgis: No.  No, my offer is fair. Considering her verdict would likely be a bad conduct discharge and considerable brig time.  I recommend five months confinement, with discharge as adjudged.

Bud shakes his head.

Bud: Two months confinement.  No discharge.

Sturgis: I'll give you the two months, but the petty officer goes.

Bud: He wants to stay in.

Sturgis: Did you take a good look at that tape, Lieutenant?

Bud: Yes.

Sturgis: Why keep this guy in the Navy?

Bud pauses for a moment.

Bud: Punitive discharge.  No confinement.

They shake hands on it.  Sturgis leaves and Bud spots Harriet at her desk.

Bud: Hey, sweetie.

Harriet doesn't respond. 


Admiral: The fire was burning down.  Everything else was gone.  This ... this was all I had left.

He lifts the heart Meredith gave him. He's back on the couch conversing with Meredith.

Admiral: And, thanks to you, it's all I needed.

They kiss.  He comes back to the reality of his frozen surroundings.


Mac stands in the bullpen, surrounded by a circle of the staff.

Mac: I apologize for not making this announcement earlier, but, I was hoping for a resolution.  In lieu of that, I have some alarming news about the admiral.

Bud: What?  They haven't found him, yet?

A look of surprise plays across Mac's features.

Mac: No.

Sturgis: But Commander Rabb is on his trail, correct?

Mac: Yes.

Tiner: Any concerns about the commander, ma'am?

Mac: Should there be?

Sturgis: We understand they found an empty humvee at the drop zone.

Mac: Well, I  hadn't heard that.

Coates: I was just about to brief you, ma'am.

Mac: Is there anyone here that knows less than I do, Petty Officer?

Meredith: Yes.

Mac turns to the voice behind her.

Meredith: Me.


The admiral warms the heart Meredith gave him, balanced on a stick, over the fire, and drops it with his shaky hands into the snow.  He picks it up and uses it to warm his hands.  He hears a dog growling.  It walks around to face the unmoving admiral, and then whimpers.  The admiral begins talking to the dog in a raspy voice.

Admiral: You're worse off then me, huh?  You belonged to somebody, didn't you?  

The dog whimpers again and lays down near the admiral.

Admiral: What'd they do, dump you out here?

The dogs perks up suddenly.

Admiral: What?  Did you hear something?

The dog starts off into the forest.

Admiral: Wait a minute.  I'm going where you're going.



Meredith stands in front of Mac's desk.  Mac sits in her chair, behind the desk.

Meredith: I was presenting a paper nearby, at a literary symposium, and when I finally turn my cell phone back on, I had received four messages from you.

Mac: You're aware the admiral went up with Harm in an F-14 this morning?

Meredith's eyes fill with tears.

Meredith: They crashed?

Mac: No.  No, he inadvertently ejected over George Washington National Forest.  They haven't found him, yet.

Meredith takes a deep breath.

Meredith: Okay.

She seats herself,  her relief visible.  

Mac: I wish I had better news.

Meredith: Oh, you do.

She smiles in relief.

Meredith: Anything other than, 'He's dead,' is better news.

Mac: There's no guarantee he's alive, Meredith.

Meredith: You doubt that he is?

Mac: I'm concerned.

Meredith: He's fine.  There's nothing to worry about.

Mac: How can you be so sure?

Meredith: Because, he would expect nothing less than complete faith from me.


Harm finds the languishing embers of the fire.  He calls out into the darkness.

Harm: Admiral!  Admiral!

He kicks the fire in frustration.


The admiral drops to the ground, coughing.  He lifts his head after a moment.

Admiral: Sorry, Meredith.

Then he plops his head back into the snow.  He hears a rustling sound and a metallic clank.  Looking up, he sees the dog digging through some trash cans.


Harm walks into a bar.   Passing between two pool tables, he walks up to the bartender behind the counter.

Harm: Hey, there's a Navy admiral wandering the woods out there. I'm looking to put together a search party.  I'm offering a reward, can you help me?

She points to the admiral, sitting next to the jukebox.  The admiral peers at Harm and smiles.


The admiral is wheeled into a hospital.  Meredit, who was there waiting for his arrival, sees him and rushes up to him.

Meredith: Is he bad off?

EMT: No, ma'am.  But, he'll need to be hospitalized for testing.

AJ: Let me talk to her.

Meredith: How's my boy scout?

AJ: Thanks for the help.

Meredith: What did I do?

AJ: You made me pay attention.

Meredith: I'm not sure what you mean, but, uh ... I like the way it sounds.

She smiles softly at him.

AJ: I love you.

Meredith stands there numbly.

AJ: Do I need to repeat that?

Meredith: Yes.

AJ: I love you.

Meredith: You're just grateful to be alive.  Wait until the euphoria has passed.

AJ: Why?

Meredith: AJ....

Meredith looks up, trying to stifle her impending tears.

AJ: Listen to me.

AJ pulls out the heart.

AJ: I had to run through fire and water to get to the feelings I have.  You gonna back away from that?

Meredith: I love you, too.

AJ: Umm ... something else I gotta tell you.  It, uh, it can't be just the two of us anymore.

Meredith: What ... what do you mean?

The AJ looks toward the door.

AJ: I'm involved with another female.

Meredith: What?

Meredith follows AJ's gaze. Harm stands at the hospital doors with the dog. They both smile




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